Reasons to Choose MNX

The MNX Advantages

Fabrication Capabilities
The MNX has the most diverse and extensive portfolio of fabrication resources and capabilities available anywhere. We offer thousands of different processes and hundreds of different materials, including nearly every photolithographic, thin-film deposition, etch, and wafer bonding technology known in the industry. When you work with the MNX, your project design will always utilize the best processes and materials that are optimal to meet your objectives.
Most MEMS development projects strive to implement devices with the highest performance levels. This requires access to the best fabrication capabilities, highly experienced and talented fabricators, and a good device design. The MNX has the highest quality and most comprehensive array of fabrication capabilities anywhere - this combined with the best fabrication technologists in the industry means that when you work with the MNX the highest levels of performance of your MEMS devices can be achieved.
Many MEMS development projects have strict deadlines. This means getting a development project started quickly and having it completed on time. The MNX gets projects off the starting line faster than anyone in the business with our streamlined operational system. Moreover, our extensive fabrication capabilities and development team experience, combined with our tracking and logistics system, means that we can complete your project on time. On average a project at the MNX takes only 62 days to complete.
The MNX technologists are the best in the industry (most of our technical staff are at the PhD-level). They've spent decades working in commercial and academic settings, creating MEMS devices in microfluidics, acoustics, RF MEMS, medical MEMS, and many other application areas. The MNX development team has successfully completed over 2,300 MEMS development projects over the last decade – far more than anyone in the industry. Their extensive experience includes years of hands-on fabrication work using state-of-the-art process technologies, so they have a deep understanding of fabrication issues that can make your project be successful.
Customer Satisfaction
Each MNX project is tracked to ensure that it is meeting performance and scheduling goals. At the completion of every project, the MNX conducts a customer satisfaction survey to determine how we performed. For the projects completed to date, the MNX has over 95% of its customers who are very pleased or pleased with our performance on their projects.
IP Protection
Your intellectual property is safe when you work with MNX. Unlike most of the fabricators and developers in the MEMS business who are working on their own device designs and implementation efforts, we are not your competitor. The terms we offer when you sign up for an account make sure that your business interests are protected.
If your project requires special handling to comply with U.S. export control laws, we can help. We are able to handle ITAR-restricted projects.