Policies and Agreements

MNX Policies and Agreements

These documents explain the various MNX policies and conditions of use.

NOTICE: The MNX, also known as the MEMS and Nanotechnology Exchange, was previously known as the MEMS Exchange. All agreements entered prior to the incorporation of the new name into the standard agreement forms are deemed, wherever "MEMS Exchange" is used, to refer to the MNX.

Confidentiality Agreement
This agreement is part of the user registration form, and also part of the login page for all users.
MEMS and Nanotechnology Exchange Policies
This is the basic MNX policies and procedures document. It is incorporated into both the Customer Agreement and the Fabrication Site Agreement.
Work Order Approval Agreement (example)
This is an example of the Work Order Approval Agreement.
Customer Agreement (example)
This is the agreement between the MNX and a customer. If you want to become a customer, please start start by registering as a user, and then completing the New Business Account form and accepting the terms of the Customer Agreement.
Fab Site Agreement
This is the agreement between the MNX and a fab site.