Phase 1 - Concept Development

You have a great idea – now what?

During the Concept Development Phase, MNX staff can help you take your idea and transform it into an initial device design and process sequence so it can be successfully fabricated. Successful MEMS development requires the careful balance of creative ideas tempered with objective and judicious decision-making, plus a significant amount of relevant practical experience in MEMS design and implementation. MNX engineering staff have the expertise and skill to assist your organization in moving your ideas forward. We can provide you with as little or as much guidance as needed.

During the Concept Development Phase, MNX staff can help you with the following:

  • Initial design (including mask design) and preliminary process sequence design for implementing your device for its intended application.
  • Investigation of multiple process technology solutions to determine the optimal solution (i.e. find the quickest and best solution at the lowest cost).
  • Risk identification and analysis of device designs, fabrication approaches, as well as for each step in a process sequence.
  • Formulation of realistic timeframes and budgets for your business and development plan.
  • Help devise a strategy to quickly move your idea forward to the next phase of development.