Phase 3 - Prototype Fabrication

Practice makes perfect!

MNX engineers have decades of hands-on practical fabrication experience and are the most seasoned experts in MEMS prototype development in the industry. Our engineers have completed more than 2,300 successful MEMS prototyping fabrication projects for nearly every conceivable application including: radio frequency (RF); acoustics; inertial sensing; pressure sensing; resonators; microfluidics; magnetics; etc. We share our knowledge and experience so you can skip the learning curve, stay on track and on budget, and rapidly move towards a successful product launch or project result. This, coupled with the most extensive portfolio of fabrication technologies in the world to select from, means that the performance of your MEMS device can be optimized and solutions to most every implementation challenge are available.

In your MEMS device Prototyping efforts, MNX staff can help you with the following:

  • Selection of the best processing steps for fabrication of your device from thousands of available processes in the MNX process catalog.
  • Development of custom processes, including process steps, process modules, and complete process sequences.
  • Perform process integration for the development of a complete fabrication process sequence for your device.
  • Performing short loop process runs to minimize risk, and quickly identify and develop solutions for fabrication problem areas.
  • Collection of accurate measurements, developing detailed documentation, performing statistical analysis on process results, and maintaining extensively detailed records using our fabrication development methods and our proprietary process development software allows quicker development and smoother transition to production.
  • Accurate measurement of process-dependent MEMS material property data.
  • Implementation of yield and quality improvement methodologies.