Process Hierarchy

  1X maskmaking (Pattern Generation)
Coating reflectivity
Reflectivity of the mask coating
Defect density
Density (by area) of defects of a given size (e.g., 1dpsi@1.0um).
< 0.05 pinholes/cm2
Feature geometry
Shape of feature with dimensions characterized by the minimum feature size
Field geometry
Shape of field with dimensions characterized by the maximum field size
Min feature size 1 µm
Reduction 1
Equipment Interserv PG
Equipment characteristics:
File formats
List of CAD file formats supported (eg. GDSII, CIF)
Mask coating
Mask coating material (eg. chrome).
Mask plate dimensions
Width, length, thickness of the mask plates (eg. 5x7x0.09 inch).
4x4x0.09 inch, 5x5x0.09 inch
Mask polarity
Polarity of the mask.
Max aperture size
Size of pattern generator's maximum aperture (e.g., 1 mm)
380x380 um
Max field size 127 mm
Min aperture size
Size of pattern generator's minimum aperture (e.g., 2 um)
1x1 um
  • The mask layouts will be reviewed in IC station prior to making. During this review, necessary flash count for each mask plate is determined.
  • $250.00 for first 2500 flashes, plus $100 for each additional 2500 flashes, all per one mask plate.
  • Special Note: Maximum allowable number of flashes per mask plate is 15000.