Process Hierarchy

on front
  Poly-Ge RIE
Process characteristics:
Depth of material removed by etch process
Depth of material removed by etch process, must be 0 .. 2 µm
0 .. 2 µm
Batch size 12
Etch rate 0.5 µm/min
Excluded materials gold
Material poly-Germanium
Primary material removal rate divided by removal rates of secondary materials (i.e., factors by which primary material is removed faster than secondary materials)
photoresist (category): 2.7, poly-Germanium: 1
Sides processed either
Temperature 60 °C
Wafer size
Wafer size
Equipment Lam 5
Equipment characteristics:
MOS clean no
Wafer geometry
Types of wafers this equipment can accept
1-flat, 2-flat, notched, no-flat
Wafer materials
List of wafer materials this tool can accept (not list of all materials, just the wafer itself).
silicon on insulator, silicon
Wafer thickness
List or range of wafer thicknesses the tool can accept
300 .. 600 µm
  • Lam5 is an automatic, cassette-to-cassette, TCP etcher for Poly-Si etching. This system is set up as a 6” poly etcher, but it is also capable of processing 4” wafers on a six-inch pocket or carrier wafers.