Process Hierarchy

on front
  Direct laser write lithography (Automated)
on front
  4 Direct laser write
Process characteristics:
Min feature size
Min feature size*
must be 0.5 .. 10 µm
0.5 .. 10 µm
Perform edge bead removal
Perform edge bead removal*
yes no
Perform linewidth metrology
Perform linewidth metrology*
yes no
Perform microscope inspection
One measurement per wafer
Perform microscope inspection*
yes no
One measurement per wafer
Perform stylus profilometry
Perform stylus profilometry*
yes no
Resist thickness
Resist thickness*
must be 1 .. 5 µm
1 .. 5 µm
must be 15 .. 480 min
15 .. 480 min
Alignment side front
Batch size 1
Magnification 1
Material AZ 5214e
Perform hardbake yes
Wafer size
Wafer size