Process Hierarchy

on front
  Gold DC sputtering
Process characteristics:
Thickness of material to be deposited.
Thickness of material to be deposited., must be 0 .. 0.1 µm
0 .. 0.1 µm
Ambient to which substrate is exposed during processing
Batch size 1
Deposition rate
Rate at which material is added to a wafer
0.08 µm/min
Material gold
Pressure of process chamber during processing
2e-06 Torr
Sides processed either
Temperature 23 °C
Wafer size
Wafer size
Equipment Metallica Sputtering System
Equipment characteristics:
Piece geometry
Geometry of wafer pieces the equipment can accept
rectangular, irregular, circular
Piece thickness
Range of wafer piece thickness the equipment can accept
250 .. 1000 µm
Wafer holder
Device that holds the wafers during processing.
Wafer materials
List of wafer materials this tool can accept (not list of all materials, just the wafer itself).
silicon on sapphire, quartz (single crystal), glass (category), silicon
Wafer thickness
List or range of wafer thicknesses the tool can accept
250 .. 1000 µm
  • The sputter system can hold up to 4 wafers (one wafer in each palette). However the wafers are sputtered one at a time. Usually one of the loaded wafers is used for the pre-cleaning of the target.