Process Hierarchy

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  PTFE Deposition
Process characteristics:
Perform film thickness measurement
Perform film thickness measurement*
yes no
please contact for thicker (>5um) depositions
please contact for thicker (>5um) depositions, must be 0.1 .. 5 µm
0.1 .. 5 µm
Batch size 2
Deposition rate
Rate at which material is added to a wafer
10 µm/hour
Material Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)
Pressure of process chamber during processing
1 Torr
Refractive index 1.37
Relative dielectric constant 1.9 .. 2
Sides processed either
Temperature 25 °C
Wafer size
Wafer size
Equipment PTFE Vapor Deposition Coater
  • The deposition apparatus is a prototype of a new commercial vapor phase deposition tool and can accommodate any sample/substrate size 100mm or smaller.
Equipment characteristics:
MOS clean no
  • PTFE (trade name Teflon) is one of the most functional materials ever developed. It is hydrophobic and one of the most chemically resistant polymers, insoluble in any solvent and non-reactive to the most corrosive chemicals, including hydrofluoric acid. It also offers high thermal stability, excellent electrical resistance, low refractive index and is a lubricious and biocompatible coating. PTFE has a low surface energy and is an excellent choice for an anti-stiction or release coating. Though conventionally difficult to process, GVD has pioneered a vapor deposition process for producing ultra-thin PTFE coatings on virtually any substrate. The proprietary process is an effective method for producing coatings with precisely controlled thicknesses at low temperature with excellent adhesion. Since it is a vapor deposition process, coatings are conformal, or able to penetrate into and around complex structures. The PTFE coating protects coated substrates from moisture, chemicals, and electric charge and is an attractive alternative to barrier coatings like Parylene.
  • Coating Composition: [-CF2-]n
  • Water Contact Angle: 150 deg
  • Wafers are coated on one side on a temperature controlled stage (approx 25 deg C). Coating thickness is measured using laser interferometry on a dummy silicon wafer piece.
  • Keywords: Teflon, PTFE, fluorocarbon, hydrophobic, chemically resistant, antistiction, conformal, low temperature, dielectric, insulating, chemical vapor deposition, release coating