Process Hierarchy

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  Aluminum microwave bonding
Process characteristics:
Bond area
Specify total bonding contact area between die.
Bond area*
Specify total bonding contact area between die., must be 0 .. 6.25 cm2
0 .. 6.25 cm2
Batch size 2
Bond line width 10 .. 100 µm
Material aluminum
Min bond layer thickness 1500 Å
Sides processed either
Temperature 660 °C
Equipment Microwave bonder
Equipment characteristics:
Die area
Die area the equipment can accept
6.25 cm2
Die dimension
Characteristic dimension of dies (e.g., side length of square) the equipment can accept
2.5 cm
Die holder
Device that holds the die(s) during processing
quartz tube
Die materials
List of allowed materials for dies accepted by this equipment
gallium arsenide, quartz (single crystal), silicon
Die thickness
List or range of die thicknesses the tool can accept
10 .. 3000 µm
  • ***Note*** This process does not work well since aluminum oxidizes easily and Al2O3 will not melt at as low a temperature as Al.
  • Three alternatives for alignment:
    1) perimeter alignment only by MBI, requiring very precise wafer dicing
  • 2) alignment by customer, requiring shipment of quartz fixtures by MBI to customer.
  • 3) alignment using features on the faces to be bonded (+/-5um accuracy)
  • Two extra sets (four dies) required for (destructive) testing (no charge).
  • No wet chemicals or water allowed.
  • "Bond area" refers to the metals to be bonded.