Process Hierarchy

on front
  Silicon nitride on HTO
  2.1 RCA clean
  2.2 HF dip
Materialsilicon dioxideResidual stress-155 MPa
Materialsilicon nitrideResidual stress1250 MPa
Thickness0.01 .. 5 µm
Process characteristics:
Amount of material added to a wafer
Amount of material added to a wafer, must be 0.2 .. 1 µm
0.2 .. 1 µm
Batch size 24
Residual stress -50 .. 50 MPa
Sides processed both
Silicon dioxide thickness 0 .. 1 µm
Silicon nitride thickness 0 .. 1 µm
Wafer size
Wafer size
  • The input parameter "thickness" refers to the overall thickness of the composite film. Thickness
    values for individual films are calculated by the fab site to minimize the overall residual stress.