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Packaging of MEMS and nanoscale devices is of critical importance, and is considerably more challenging than for integrated circuits due to the fact that MEMS must interact with the environment in very controlled ways. That is, the package must allow certain environmental property(s) to permeate the package while simultaneously preventing any harmful environmental elements from degrading the device.

Furthermore, since MEMS span an enormous diversity of device types that operate using different principles or measuring different environmental effects, there is no standard package. Often, packages must be uniquely designed for each device or device type as part of a complete MEMS development activity. Delaying the development of a package beyond initial device conception can be very costly and can even jeopardize the success of a new product.

The MNX engineering team has extensive experience in developing MEMS packages for the most demanding applications. Our expertise ranges from a prototype package development to packages for manufactured products. And of course, in addition to helping design packages, we can also package your fully fabricated devices.

If you would like to talk to the MNX about your package development, packaging, or consulting needs, please contact us by email at or call us at 703-262-5368 and ask to talk to an engineer.