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Project and Foundry Management Software

Most MEMS and Nanotechnology facilities need specialized but flexible software to manage their operations effectively and efficiently. These facilities are quite different from large integrated circuit foundries which are essentially flow-shops wherein a process sequence is performed over and over again without significant changes to produce large volumes of identical components. In comparison, MEMS and Nano facilities are more akin to job-shops where a set of tools is used in a very flexible manner for a large diversity of process sequences and product types.

A software system to efficiently manage a job-shop operation presents many challenges, but is essential if the facility is to properly document the work to be performed, schedule processes, and manage the workflow.

The MNX has developed a software system that is specially suited for MEMS and Nanotechnology foundries. The software system has many of the same features as the software that runs the entire MNX operation and is well suited for managing your project or your entire facility's operations.

Our unique software system incorporates over 35 man-years of development effort and runs in a Linux environment. It utilizes a network-based approach and therefore offers easier access, provides excellent scalability, eliminates problems with compatibility, and guarantees a high-level of security protection.

If you are interested in talking to the MNX about licensing our Project and Foundry Management Software or how the MNX software team can develop specialized software for your facility, please email us at or call the MNX Director, Dr. Michael A. Huff at 703-262-5318.